Señorita Sisson: Spanish Phenom


Haeleigh Bayle, Reporter

This past week I was given the privilege of interviewing one of the school’s Spanish teachers, (Ms.) Señorita Sisson. Señorita Sisson has been teaching here at Corry High for eight years (12 total though). She has only ever taught Spanish and mentioned how “…Spanish is such a fun and beautiful language that I love to share with my students.  It’s a fun and interesting subject to learn. It’s also one that I think is pretty beneficial to learn.” As a student in her Spanish class I can say one thing for sure: Spanish is most certainly a fun language to learn!

Because Ms. Sisson is a Spanish teacher, I of course had to ask some questions regarding her stays in Mexico and other Spanish-y things. Señorita Sisson has been to Mexico a total of 10 times. She added, “In college I had the chance to study abroad and live with a Mexican family for two months.  I have gone back numerous times with family and friends. I even had the chance to go there for Day of the Dead, which was pretty amazing.” I then proceeded to ask that, if she ever had the chance, would she live in Mexico as opposed to here? To that, her answer was “Absolutely.” She talked about how if she could take her family and friends there with her, she would happily live there. She said it “felt like home when I was there.” I then asked a very important question…Is Mexican food better than our food? To that, she talked about how she “definitely” loves Mexican food (as some of the dishes are her favorite), however, she also loves American food.

I then moved away from the Spanish subject and started asking about her favorite hobbies and what she loved to do. Her favorite activities are: physical activities such as working out and playing different sports, spending time outdoors (kayaking, boating, hunting, and hiking), any type of competition, and spending time with her puppy (Luna). Her summer plans are to “spend a lot of time with my family,” as well as “spending a lot of time on the water  boating/kayaking/swimming.” Señorita Sisson is also hoping to travel a bit, but only if places start to open back up and lessen the restrictions.

I then asked some easier questions such as: What is your favorite color? I learned that Ms. Sisson loves blue. Her favorite foods are tacos and cheesecake. Her favorite artist varies on her mood, but her typical go-to music is 90s rap or some Spanish music. As of right now, Nicky Jam is her favorite artist.

I decided to ask Ms. Sisson to relive her childhood by asking some questions about it. I first asked what her fondest childhood memory is. She responded with, “When I was young, every Friday night, all of the kids in my neighborhood would get together and play Capture the Flag.  We must have had twenty kids that played. As soon as it got dark, the game began, and we would play for hours.  Since cell phones weren’t a thing at that time, my mom would stand on our front porch and yell for me to come home.  I’m pretty sure I ignored the first couple calls– claiming I couldn’t hear her– then when I could sense the anger in her voice, I quickly ran home.  It was so much fun.” Playing games with others was always enjoyable in my younger years as well!

I asked what the best school year was for her, but she said she couldn’t pick a specific one. However, she enjoyed high school in general for the fun dances and being able to play sports. She added, “Those are two of the things that I miss most from high school.” The last question I asked was if she had any memorable pets from her younger years. To that, Señorita Sisson said, “I had a dog that I adored. She was a Lhasa Apso and her name was Daisy. She was  the sweetest puppy.” Daisy sounds adorable!

All in all, being able to spotlight Ms. Sisson was very nice! Especially because she deserves a bit of time in the spotlight after teaching here for so many years and teaching such an interesting subject. If any reader is thinking about taking Spanish, I highly recommend it. It is an entertaining class that welcomes the opportunity for growth and success.

Well, Adiós!