Fantoms love “Julie and the Phantoms”

Fantoms love Julie and the Phantoms

Rachael Hajec, Editor

Picture it: a girl from Los Angeles named Julie who lives in the present year 2020. After her mom passed, music became something she felt she couldn’t associate herself with without her. But, when she plays an old CD she found while cleaning her mom’s studio, everything changes. Oh, did I mention three (cute) ghost guys who are a band from 1995 called Sunset Curve suddenly appear, and Julie is the only one who can see them?! Crazy right?! If you love the representation of diversity, music that makes you feel connected, meaningful friendships, a ghostly romance, and an amazing story line, this show on Netflix is right up your alley, and I’ll tell you my reasons why.

In this eye-catching new TV series, Julie finally plays music again after meeting and getting to know Luke, Alex, and Reggie, the three ghost boys. Later on they learn that the only time they can be seen by other people is when they perform with her! As they died about 25 years ago, they wonder how this could be and why? Later they find out their old band member, Bobby, who is still alive, stole all their songs, they seek revenge from the only ghost who knows how. Caleb Covington (Cheyenne Jackson) is the powerful host of the Hollywood Ghost Club who is supposedly the only one who can make living people see the dead…until Julie came along. His villainous mindset leads to taking over Luke, Alex, and Reggie’s souls instead! This makes them later choose to either leave Julie and stay in his club for eternity, crossover to the true after life, or disappear from all existence for good. Will they figure out their unfinished business and crossover, or will they have to say goodbye to Julie and give into Caleb’s offer?

In September of this year, Kenny Ortega (producer of all your favorite classics such as all the “High School Musicals” and “Descendants”) produced this musical comedy/drama that stars a bunch of talented upcoming actors. The cast includes sixteen year old Madison Reyes who is completely new to the spotlight, Charlie Gillespie, Owen Patrick Joyner, and Jeremy Shada. All four young actors each do an amazing job of portraying their character. Not only do they act, but they sing, dance, write, and play all their own instruments in real life that are designated for their characters. Some of my favorite aspects are that throughout the episodes, you will see the cast rock out on either the acoustic or electric guitar, drums, and even the piano. Also, each actor is already very similar to their character on the show, which helps reveal the passion and determination they have to connect with their audience. My overall favorite scene would have to be when in a later episode, Madison Reyes and Charlie Gillespie, who play love interests Julie and Luke, wrote a song together specifically for the show called ‘Perfect Harmony,’ and even practiced a special dance number.

Overall, there are so many important lessons to take from this modern series. Whether you look at the representation of the LGBTQ+ community, racial diversity, the importance of friendship, the outcome of music, and even the idea of being with someone you can’t physically be with. This shows young teens how you can love who you want to love and you should never be ashamed of who that is or who you are. With this, each song from the soundtrack tells a story that everyone could possibly relate to. From encouraging others to wake up in the morning, appreciating your friends, realizing your own mistakes and making bad decisions, falling in love, rising above, and especially staying unified. This PG-rated series I would personally recommend to anyone who is looking to brighten up their day and get some catchy songs stuck in their head. I give this phenomenal show a 5/5 stars! Now go watch to find out what happens next.