A day of disaster

Hannah Chelton, Reporter

At some point in time people have certain days where they just feel like they can not win. It can vary from the thought that everything seems to be going wrong, events happen that make it seem impossible for a task to get complete, or nothing goes as planned. For some people it happens more often then it does for others. About five years ago the feeling of everything going wrong came about my household.

It all started out one night during barn chores when it seemed like everything was not working in our favor. Animals were loose, the milker hoses were frozen, a water hose broke causing the mangers to flood, and worst of all we had a tractor catch on fire. It was used earlier in the day to haul wood, and  then it was put into the garage. We were almost done with chores, and my brother came running into the barn, and stated that there was an orange glow through the window of the garage. My brother and dad went to go see what was burning while my mom called 911. Lo and behold it was the tractor used earlier, and a wire shorted out causing it to start and catch fire. They got it pulled out of the garage to prevent the fire from spreading to the garage and started throwing buckets of fire on it in efforts to put it out.

Minutes later firetrucks lined up the driveway and road. Many neighboring fire departments were called out because a family friend is an assistant chief on the SVFD, and he was worried that the barn was on fire, so he asked for them to be called out because he wanted to have enough manpower if the situation was at its worst. As the firemen in the driveway started getting their hoses off of the truck, the fire was a lot smaller, and then put out a minute later by a few more buckets of water that my brother and dad were throwing on it while waiting for the departments to come. After the fire was put out, the firemen went through the garage to make sure the rafters were not charred due to the flames almost touching them.

Thankfully, the barn, and garage were not touched by flames one bit, and the only thing that caught fire was the tractor. This situation could have been way worse then how it panned out. If my brother would have not seen the glow of the flames, the garage could have burned down, and the equipment stored in it would have been destroyed.