My experience at the 2022 Steelers Draft Party

View from the Steelers Tunnel

Trent Williams

View from the Steelers Tunnel

Trent Williams, Reporter

On April 30, 2022, the Pittsburgh Steelers hosted a draft party. This article will be describing my time there.

First the food at Acrisure Stadium was amazing: I had Primanti Bros.; the food was amazing and cooked perfectly. There was also a flag football game going on that day in the stadium, so you could watch that while you ate. The locker room experience was once in a lifetime: I got to walk around the locker room and take pictures with multiple players’ jerseys.

Another thing you could do was listen to players’ Q&As. Whoever asked a question got a terrible towel for free. There was also various mini games for you to earn prizes.

Lastly, you got to step on the field. This was a dream come true as I looked up to almost all the players that have stepped on the field. There were also activities to do on the field like catch a football from a machine and throwing skills challenges.

There will be a FREE Steelers Draft Party at Stage AE on Friday, April 28, from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m., where you can watch the second and third round draft picks.