Corry competitive dance team takes home 1st place

Dance to the Beat Competition Team

Dance to the Beat Competition Team

Kylynn Deane, Reporter

Dance to the Beat, Corry’s only competitive dance team, had their first competition of the season this past weekend in Pittsburgh.

Fifteen studios came to compete, coming from hours away. The competition was difficult, but this Corry studio did great.

Starting off on Friday night, the age group nine-year-old to 11-year-old solo dances competed. Out of 25 solos, Dance to the Beat took home multiple places. Mikayla Jackson placed 10th overall, Tenley Murphy placed 8th overall, and Cadence Miller placed 4th overall. All of their solos received an elite platinum, which is the highest score range they were eligible to get.

Moving onto Saturday afternoon in the nine-year-old to 11-year-old group dances, Dance to the Beat’s group dance in this age bracket took home 1st place overall. They also were scored with an elite platinum. They were rewarded with the “Excellence in Entertainment” award, out of 62 routines. Not only this, but they received a golden ticket to the World Dance Championship, and got the title of being Regional Champions. This means that this routine was the highest scoring routine out of their entire level! Those who were a part of this dance were, Tenley Murphy, Elise Boucher, Amarah Jordan, Tori Yoder, Karleigh Moon, Taylor Sproveri, Finley Mitchell, Avery McCray, Charlotte Goodwill, Camila Whiteley, Sarah Whiteley, and Layla Mosher. These girls also competed in a large group dance in a different division, which placed 2nd overall. They all have been practicing perfecting this dance for months, so this win is well deserved!

On Saturday evening, all of the 15-year-old to 19-year-old solos performed. From Dance to the Beat, Halle Beach placed 4th overall and Izzy Kellogg ended up placing 2nd overall in their novice level. Then in the higher level, Jonas Anthony placed 5th place overall out of 45 soloists, and received the title of 2023 Mr. Teen Starpower. Not to mention, he was specially picked by the judges to receive a scholarship.

On Sunday, Shawntel Dyne, Mac Ricketts, Evelyn Beckmen, Audrey Baker, and Kenzie Knight competed in the 12-year- old to 14-year-old bracket. All five of the soloists placed in the top 10. Evelyn Beckmen placed 10th, Mac Ricketts placed 9th, Audrey Baker got a special judges award “Heavenly” and she placed 6th, Shawntel Dyne placed 4th, and Kenzie Knight placed 2nd overall. All of them dedicated so many hours a week to practicing their solos and making them look the best they possibly could. All of their practice displayed itself greatly and paid off.

In the last section of the competition, the 15-year-old to 19-year-old group dances were up to showcase their talents and get judged. Dance to the Beat’s senior group, which was made up of this reporter, Jonas Anthony, Kenzie Knight, Audrey Baker, Willow Bowen, and Izzy Kellogg all competed in the higher level, and their small group dances took home 4th place, and the other took home 3rd place overall against all of their competitors. They also got an invitation to the world dance championship, and got an “Excellence in Choreography” award. Competing two large group dances in a large group bracket was this reporter, Jonas Anothony, Kenzie Knight, Audrey Baker, Willow Bowen, Shawntel Dyne, Mac Ricketts, Evelyn Beckmen, Cadence Miller, Mikayla Jackson, and Izzy Kellogg. Their dances were scored and received 1st place overall and 3rd place overall.

Lastly, just a group with Shawntel Dyne, Mac Ricketts, Evelyn Beckmen, Cadence Miller, Mikayla Jackson, and Halle Beach had their own small group dances in another completely separate bracket, which placed 2nd overall and 1st overall. The dance which placed 1st received an invitation to the World Dance Championship. 

So many awards were taken home from our local competitive dance studio. This was just the first competition of the season, so it will only get better from here.