‘The Last of Us’ episode 6 is a calm before the storm


Ava Gjertsen, Editor

**Spoilers for episode 6 of “The Last of Us”**

This episode of HBO’s “TLOU” rendition was one full of heart-to-hearts.

Viewers finally got to rejoin with Tommy and see where he’s been and the group (Jackson) he’s been a part of and building. One addition that differs for the game is the fact that Tommy and Maria are having a baby. Most fans liked this concept: it gave a solid reason for Tommy to not join Joel on his endeavor and brewed some conflict for Joel (internally and externally). Not only this, but the reuniting of the Miller brothers was beyond sweet, and the hug was long overdue.

Joel’s injury this episode differed a lot from the game. In the video game, he falls off a ledge while fighting with a raider, and ends up being impaled on a metal pole sticking from the ground. Many viewers actually preferred this, considering the realistic brutality of it, and how shocking it was when the game originally came out. The show’s version felt a bit weak and rushed, but no major complaints regarding it.

Ellie’s speech to Joel featured in the episode was heartfelt, though bittersweet because of Joel’s reaction. The topic of Sarah was one that needed to be discussed in order for Joel to be able to heal, and although he was angry and didn’t wish to listen, Ellie’s words were ones that he needed to hear. Her vulnerability in this scene was so sad yet interesting. The fact that Joel ended up continuing forward with Ellie anyways was warming, and conveyed that Joel did in fact grow to care about her.

Rating: 4/5 stars.