Trisha’s fast food phases


Kylynn Deane, Reporter

Trisha Paytas is a social media star, and has been in the spotlight since 2007 when she first posted on YouTube. She has caused a lot of controversy over the years and been in many scandals, offending different races and cultures, bullying and attacking other influencers, being completely tone deaf, and the list goes on.

Recently, however, she has been regaining respect from fans. She has become more self aware and understanding of different situations. Paytas gave birth to a baby girl in September of 2022, and people are speculating that her child has made her a happier, calmer, and overall better person. Since the birth of her child, she has been posting way better content. 

Within the last couple of months, Paytas has found a new interest in cosplaying as different fast food workers, which really has been entertaining her audience. Some still find a way to be offended, saying she is “mocking the working class,” when in reality, she is just trying to be like them and she enjoys the roles they partake in. She is not doing it in a teasing manner, she just wants to try to have that experience, too. 

So far, she has posted videos in a McDonald’s uniform, a KFC uniform, an Arby’s uniform, a Filippi’s Pizza Grotto uniform, a Burger King uniform, a Starbucks uniform, and a Raising Cane’s uniform. In fact, she even was filmed by her husband going behind the counter at Raising Cane’s and serving her family their food. She finds joy in doing these activities, and does not mind putting a lot of money towards this hobby. She has purchased a large rhinestone Arby’s cup, McDonald’s purses and wallets, etc. 

This is a very entertaining and interesting pastime Trisha has picked up. It was very different from her track record of creating controversy for fun. Will Trisha get any more uniforms? Where else will she obsess over next? Everyone will have to wait and see!