Hoover’s most popular book, ‘It Ends With Us’


Jenna Martin, Editor

The Novel “It Ends With Us” by New York Times Best Selling Author Colleen Hoover. It is one of the most popular novels on the market today. The novel came out in late 2016 but has recently become very popular with over 900,000 sales in 2022. It was #1 on the Publishers Weekly adult list and #1 overall in the first six months of 2022. The novel became so popular that there is now a second novel, “It Starts With Us” that continued the story of Lily Bloom’s life.

The novel is about a girl, Lily,and her life after she graduates from college and moves to Boston. Lily unexpectedly meets a gorgeous neurosurgeon, Ryle.  Ryle is assertive, stubborn and even a little arrogant, but has a soft spot for Lily. Yet his views on relationships are quite disturbing. While Lily is trying to figure out her new business and her feelings for Ryle, the thoughts of her first love Atlas Corrigan continue to haunt her.

Within the 376 pages, a lot happens in Lily Bloom’s life. Hoover managed to throw the perfect plot twists our way, keeping us locked in throughout the whole book. It gets you hooked from the very beginning, which is definitely one of  the reasons I enjoyed the book so much. The overall plot is very interesting, as are the backstories of each character. The side characters also help to bring the story to life. Overall, I would rate this novel a 4/5. It truly is a masterpiece.