Entertaining ‘Elf The Musical’

Entertaining Elf The Musical

Kylynn Deane, Reporter

Based on the 2003 film “Elf,” the Erie Playhouse put on the production of “Elf The Musical.” After months of rehearsals, the performances began at the beginning of December. 

“Elf” has always been my favorite Christmas movie. I watch it multiple times every Christmas season, so going in to see this play, my expectations were high. Getting straight to the point, I would rate the overall musical a 9/10. 

The musical started out very different from the actual movie. It started off with Santa sitting in front of his television watching a show, talking to his wife and then explaining how this show will be explaining the story of Buddy The Elf. Then it is immediately a song scene with elves and Buddy himself singing and dancing. I was not expecting it to be different, I thought it was going to be just the same. I would have preferred if it was the same, but that’s all right.

The cast stated some of the same exact lines from the movie, but not that many at all. There were many details that were very different. Some new things were added in, like the plot of love between Buddy and Jovie. When they were going on their date, he promised to make a reservation to her favorite restaurant but broke that promise. They also held a very long conversation on a bench before ice skating, which never appeared in the movie. 

Although the script had its differences, the cast selection was amazing. All of the actors did a great job portraying their assigned characters. They had the same personalities, attitudes, energy, etc. Most of them even resembled the actual actors in the movie. 

The sets of the musical were very creative. They moved props on and off of the stage very swiftly and speedily. There was a giant screen in the back of the stage that changed to different things with each different scene, which definitely made a great contribution to the look of the stage.  

To choose between the movie or the musical, I would pick the movie. This may be because I am far more familiar and used to the movie, but the musical really was a nice breath of fresh air and truly was enjoyable. I would highly recommend it to everyone, this comical, fun and joyful production.