November and December Boys of the Month


December Boy of the Month Nate James and November Boy of the Month Drew Kuzma

Jenna Martin, Editor

Every month there is a boy nominated to be the “Boy of the Month” in Corry who is featured in the Corry Journal. Usually, every month the boy is chosen by a committee of  high school staff members, and is honored by the Corry Rotary Club.

The ” Boy of the Month” for November was Andrew (Drew) Kuzma. When I asked Drew how he reacted when he first found out he was chosen he said, “I was surprised and happy that I was picked.”

I followed asking why he thought the club chose him. Kuzma said, “I think I got it because, in my eyes, I’m well liked and I do well in school.”

The “Boy of the Month” for December was Nate James. He said, “I was honored to be picked by the rotary club and also happy to continue the tradition in my family because both of my brothers were also picked for this award.”

I then asked why Nate thinks he was chosen. James said, “I think I was chosen because of my high academics and important roles in sports.” 

You can find more information on Kuzma and James in their articles in the Corry Journal.