The glorious Gibsons

The glorious Gibsons

Rubie Gibson, Reporter

Do you know the Gibsons ? Not only do the Gibsons show love, but they’re also always there for each other. The Gibsons are a big family.

They have five animals, three dogs (Saint Bernard, Yorkie and a lab) and two guinea pigs. How many kids are in this family? There are five kids. Derek (Der-bear) is five years old. He was born on January 23, 2017, and he’s in Kindergarten. When I asked him what he loves to do at school he replied, “Playing at recess and talking to my friends at Green table.” Luke ( Peanut) is four years old. He was born on July 23, 2018, and he’s in Pre-K. When I asked him what he loves he said, “Police Officers because I’m going to arrest people.” Jaxson (Nugget) will be two in January. When I asked him what he loves the most he answered “My bottle.” Hunter is six years old born on February 29, 2016 (R.I.P.).

Amber Rose Gibson is my stepmother and the mother to my brothers. Born on December 12, 1989. She is an only child. She grew up in Arizona and moved here when she was 12 in 2002. When I surveyed her these were her responses. When asked if she likes being an only child she replied, “I don’t like it because it would be nice having siblings to be with and talk to.” What does Amber do for a job? She is an LPN in a medical office. When I asked her what her biggest fear is she replied, “Probably my children getting hurt.” What does she like to do on her free time? She likes baking, camping, planting and being with her family. Some of her favorite things are: Mexican food, the color baby blue and Luke Bryan (where she got her sons name). When asked what animal represents her, her son said, “an ant because ‘A’ for Amber.” Last but not least, her biggest pet peeve is lying.

Benjamin David Gibson (Ben)  is my father and the father to my siblings. Born on February 3, 1987. He has two siblings Jessica, who is 38, and Jeremiah, who is 40. He went to Corry School his whole life. Ben is not only a father but a husband, brother, cousin and an overall inspiration. An animal that best matches his personality would be a wolf. His idea of a perfect date is camping with the wife. Some of his favorite subjects in school were obviously physical education because he’s a boy and boys love gym, and history. His favorite food is Mexican food, and his favorite sport is baseball. His pet peeve would be two-faced people, but most of all he enjoys being with his family, being outdoors, bike rides and going camping.

Last but not least, I’m Rubie Sue Gibson and I was born on May 27, 2008. I have 4 brothers and 1 sister who are Derek, Luke, Jaxson, Hunter and Diamond. I go to Corry Area High School and I love being outdoors. I also love being with my family and I love going to see my mother (Rikki Spencer). When not in school I enjoy cooking, skating, being with friends, and most of all sleeping. I love to sleep.