Magnificent Mrs. Moisher

Rubie Gibson

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The school’s emotional support paraprofessional, Mrs. Kelsey Moisher deserves more respect than she receives. Helping out students is her passion. Not only does Mrs. Moisher do this, she also used to work in a salon doing hair. She gets to know her students very individually and is down to earth.

Born on March 12, Kelsey Moisher grew up in a little town called Corry, PA, she has two brothers who are 30 and 36 years old. She attended Tri-State Institute. She also has always wanted to be a teacher and to help children. From here she put her two passions together and became an ES teacher.

In her free time she loves to read, attend her children’s activities, and enjoys cooking. Her favorite quote would be, “It’s okay to try and fail, but it’s not okay to fail to try.”

When asked what she hates she said, “I hate stubbing my toe.” One of the easiest ways to drive Mrs. Moisher insane is by walking out of class without permission. This is and has been her biggest pet peeve for a while.

But she would like to leave the readers with the message: “Tomorrow is a new day you can always start over”