Top Corry XC runners skipping regional meet


Tony Kerr, Reporter

Top runners from Corry will not be participating in the Cross Country Regional Meet this Saturday the 22.

For the boys’ team this will include myself, Stephen Brady, and Tavon Kornikoski. For the girls’ team this will include Jordan Fox, Haeleigh Bayle, Shay Linden, and Teya Bailey. When asked what the boys’ team thought about not running Saturday this is how they replied.

Tavon Kornikoski, a junior, replied “I think it will be refreshing to take a week off and prepare for a peak at the end of the year.” If we make it to the state meet it will be in early November.

Stephen Brady, a senior, replied, “It’s the best thing for me to do to perform the best next Saturday.”

Next Saturday, October 29, there is district meet, which is the race that will decide whether or not the team can qualify for the state meet.

Personally, I think that being able to get an extra speed workout before the district meet could be beneficial to increasing our speed and feeling more prepared. To qualify for the state meet we will have to either be a part of one of the top two teams or be one of the top 10 runners apart from the top two teams at the district meet next Saturday.