Who was your favorite teacher in high school and why?

Nathan Wright: Mr. Kruse, he taught me the meaning of life.

Selena Green: Mr. Coates because we would talk about anything and everything. He also helped me through some difficult times.

Caleb Marrs: Mr. Coates, super nice and really funny.

Damion Kelley: Mrs. Reynolds.

Connor Butchko: Mrs. Reynolds because she helped me whenever I needed help.

Abigail Sell: Mr. McCray, he knows how to teach very well and has knowledge and patience.

Austyn Benninger: Mr. Daniels because he will always be my favorite teacher.

Cristin Rastatter: Mrs. Rutkowski.

Aiden Kafferlin: Mrs. Happoldt, she’s just amazing!

Bryce Lindstrom: Mrs. Goodwill. She made her class fun and I looked forward to her class. My favorite high school teacher was Mr. Kruse.

Zachary Ahl: Mr. Coates– just a cool dude.

Taylor Fenstermaker: Mrs. Watrous because she always encourages me, listens and gives advice, and is so funny.

Chloe Anthony: Ms.DiLuzio, because she is a fantastic human being and cares for everyone deeply. Plus, she has Kappi (her dog).

Hunter Savitz: Mr. Carey– very nice and respectful.

Rachel Brady:  Mrs. Jackman.

Konner Johnson: Mrs. Reynolds. She is very funny and always trying to help her students.

Logan Joncas: Mr. Soprano. He is like a student, so I relate to him.

Diana Piscitelli: Mrs. Walls, because when she read short stories she explained how the stuff in the stories could happen in real life.

Samantha Goodwill: Mr. Soprano– he had a fun environment while still teaching everything for the AP test.

Abigail Fralick: Mr. Luther, he always made math enjoyable and is the nicest teacher I’ve had.

Kendall Keener: Mr. Buona because he’s the coolest.

Maleri Mather: Mr. Coates because he is always so happy and is friends with everyone.

Nicholas Baker: Mr. Simmonson.

Austin Fenstermaker: Mrs. Reynolds because she is one of the only teachers to make me enjoy English.

Sarah Kocol: Mrs. Simpson and Mrs. Kuzma because they were always there for me and supported me through everything.

Jasmine Miles: Mr. Woods because he taught in a way that was enjoyable and memorable.

Rosemary Molthan: So many. My teachers are very important to my life and education. Ms. Carey is the best, though.

Jade Beebe: Mrs. Jackman.

Lexi Frisina: Mrs. Adamski, because she’s fun to talk to about life and fun to joke around with.

Riley Maynard: Mr.Carney– his class was fun and we always played trivia.

Tyler Beach: Mr. Hogue– I love history.

Jade McElravy: Mrs. Bourgoine– she is very attentive, respectful, and caring to her students.

Sierra Geer: I have a long list, but if I had to choose only one it would be Ms. Smrcka because she always cares so much.

Alexis Hasbrouck: Mrs. Watrous because she’s someone I can always turn to if I need wise words and she’s always looking out for me.

Caelin Silvis: Mr. Hogue– he’s pretty cool and likes my dad’s radio station.

Nathaniel Davies: Definitely Mr.Woods because he made class funny and super enjoyable.

Amanda Gjertsen: Mrs. Turben– I had her class for three years and really enjoyed all the fun activities we did.