What was one of your most embarrassing moments in school?

Bryce Lindstrom: Slipping on my way into class this winter.

Nathan Wright: Having to do chorus after not getting the class I picked.

Austyn Benninger: Math class.

Diana Piscitelli: One time I was blowing my nose and the whole class went silent.

Abigail Sell: Dating.

Kendall Keener: The 2020 Christmas break assembly was atrocious.

Rachel Brady: Farting in class.

Austin Fenstermaker: Doing air guitar at the prep rally and no one clapped.

Taylor Fenstermaker: I have never had a significant embarrassing moment.

Sarah Kocol: Every day.

Logan Joncas: Answering questions and everyone laughs.

Chloe Anthony: Passing out in the auditorium.

Hunter Savitz: I was embarrassed for one of my friends who peed their pants.

Samantha Goodwill: Playing basketball.

Lexi Frisina: Sitting in someone else’s truck after basketball practice thinking it was my dad’s truck.

Sierra Geer: There are no embarrassing moments, I’m always awesome, lol.

Nathaniel Davies: I did these things called the morning announcements.

Caelin Silvis: Getting my nose broken from playing football.

Amanda Gjertsen: Showing up to a college class late twice because I didn’t know where to go.