What was your favorite school activity?

Connor Butchko: Golfing for Corry.

Derrick Albers: My favorite activity was either football or any dance.

Caleb Marrs: Baseball.

Damion Kelley: Basketball.

Chloe Anthony: Battle of the Books.

Taylor Fenstermaker: Music- PMEA festivals and the musicals.

Sarah Kocol: Business Week and Activity Day.

Maleri Mather: Homecoming week and prom.

Nathan Wright: Friday football games.

Austin Fenstermaker: Dodgeball.

Rachel Brady: Volleyball.

Kendall Keener: I love Friday night football games.

Diana Piscitelli: I liked the dances.

Selena Green: My favorite was the pep assemblies, sports, and the dances.

Zachary Ahl: Dances.

Riley Maynard: Dances and the plays done at the school.

Aiden Kafferlin: Homecoming.

Samantha Goodwill: High school football games.

Hunter Savitz: Football or wrestling.

Bryce Lindstrom: Touring manufacturing plants.

Logan Joncas: Basketball season.

Lexi Frisina: Playing sports or activity day.

Rosemary Molthan: Studying fascinating topics.

Austin Benninger: Unified Track.

Abigail Fralick: The pep rallies.

Jade Beebe: Prom.

Jasmine Miles: Eating lunch.

Sierra Geer: The musical.

Alexis Hasbrouck: Sports.

Caelin Silvis: Field day, Homecoming, and Prom 2021.

Tyler Beach: Shooting trap.

Nathaniel Davies: Just learning all types of new things.

Amanda Gjertsen: Study games in healthcare technology.