Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Bryce Lindstrom: Working part time at Corry Manufacturing and being a farmer.

Aiden Kafferlin: With a family, living well.

Zachary Ahl: Working a good job.

Nathan Wright: Living life to the fullest.

Sarah Kocol: Hopefully married and to own a small business.

Taylor Fenstermaker: I see myself working as a music therapist living in a smaller city with my husband.

Konner Johnson: A manufacturing engineer.

Chloe Anthony: Moved into my own home, married to a great husband, designing professionally in a studio, corgis, cats, and Welsh ponies.

Damion Kelley: Working.

Caleb Marrs: Working a good job and having a family.

Derrick Albers: Having a good job and a family of my own in a nice house.

Nicholas Baker: Not sure yet.

Connor Butchko: Having a family and a good dog.

Cristin Rastatter: I don’t know.

Logan Joncas: With a family and job.

Samantha Goodwill: I see myself in an insurance career in a big city.

Rosemary Molthan: Having fun, still learning. Doing something I am passionate about.

Austin Fenstermaker: A successful with a wife, maybe a kid, and definitely a dog.

Rachel Brady: Happy.

Kendall Keener: Rich and happy.

Abigail Sell: Working hard for a better future.

Diana Piscitelli: Maybe working at a good paying job and having a side job selling my art online.

Selena Green: With a family, married, and doing the job of my dreams.

Austyn Benninger: Working.

Hunter Savitz: Living in a nice home with a family.

Abigail Fralick: Finally getting my license, hopefully.

Jasmine Miles: With a good job I enjoy, surrounded by those I love.

Anthony Relyea: With a nice house and a great job somewhere warm.

Jade Beebe: With a good job and family.

Lexi Frisina: Living in a barndominium with two kids and a husband. Hopefully watching my kids play softball.

Riley Maynard: Hopefully married with kids and a career I like.

Tyler Beach: With a house, a good job, a wife, and maybe a kid.

Jade McElravy: Wherever life takes me.

Sierra Geer: I don’t even know what I’m doing next month. I hope I’ll be doing something I love with people I love.

Alexis Hasbrouck: Graduated from college and an experienced vet tech.

Caelin Silvis: Living life.

Nathaniel Davies: I see myself being a semi-popular video game developer, sitting in my house and having a mid-life crisis 15 years early.

Amanda Gjertsen: Still in Corry, hopefully with a job as a mortician, maybe with a dog.