What is your greatest memory/ best high school experience of Corry High?

Kayla Hayes, Reporter

Abigail Sell: Being able to have fun and joke around with my classmates.

Connor Butchko: Making all of the friends that I have made.

Derrick Albers: Homecoming 2021.

Caleb Marrs: The baseball games.

Chloe Anthony: Battle of the Books – year 8th and 9th.

Taylor Fenstermaker: Performing at the choir’s Broadway dinner concerts.

Sarah Kocol: Being with my friends and going to prom.

Nathan Wright: Making Matt Leofsky mad.

Austin Fenstermaker: When Mr. Chud and I would eat lunch together.

Rachel Brady: Spending time with my besties.

Kendall Keener: When the seniors ran out for our homecoming assembly entrance and I threw Maleri Mather in a basket with my best friends.

Diana Piscitelli: My 10th grade homecoming.

Selena Green: Being able to make memories with my friends doing the pep assemblies.

Aiden Kafferlin: Winning homecoming king.

Samantha Goodwill: Senior homecoming court.

Hunter Savitz: Going to team states for wrestling

Bryce Lindstrom: Making homemade jean shorts to wear in the assembly my senior year.

Logan Joncas: Scoring 1000 points.

Lexi Frisina: Bus rides home from basketball games and softball at activity day.

Rosemary Molthan: The atmosphere of teacher-student homie-hood; I love being friends with my teachers.

Austin Benninger: My friends.

Abigail Fralick: Getting the last goal of the night on senior night of soccer.

Jade Beebe: Graduation.

Sierra Geer: Painting the set of “Anything Goes.”

Jade McElravy: Business Week.

Alexis Hasbrouck: Being able to come into school and having friends and teachers there for you.

Caelin Silvis: Riding the Soaring Eagle at Prom 2021 and playing with my friends

Tyler Beach: The assemblies and hopefully prom.

Nathaniel Davies: Working on the morning announcements, oddly enough.