The glamorous Gabby


Willow Bowen, Reporter

Gabrielle Troyer was born on January 12, 2006. She’s lived in Corry her whole life with her older sister and younger brother.

Some of Gabby’s hobbies include sewing, singing, managing the Corry High School football team, and sports. Gabby is involved in track, football, skiing, and softball. Gabby explained, “In third grade, Mr. Chud asked if I wanted to do management. I’ve been there for nine years. I owe Mr. Chud, Mr. Goodwill, and Mr. Jaquith a lot for getting me into this job I love.”  In her future, she sees herself pursuing a career in the athletic training field.

If Gabby were to travel anywhere in the world, she would choose to travel to Covington, Georgia, or New Orleans. Her favorite show “The Vampire Diaries” was filmed in these locations, although she would spend her dream vacation relaxing and hanging out with friends. 

Gabby’s favorite movie is “The Blind Side,” her favorite artists is Shawn Mendes, she favors the color orange, her favorite subject is English ever since Mr. Lesher’s middle school class, uniquely her favorite food is alligator. Lastly, her favorite quote is from the hit TV show “Supernatural”: “Family doesn’t end in blood, but it doesn’t start there, either.” 

The biggest pet peeve that Gabby would have is when people don’t have the correct use of grammar. If Gabby were to give any advice to her readers it would be “study hard and work hard.”