The fierce Fallon


Mr. Fallon

Ruthie Light, Reporter

Mr. Fallon is an American history, sociology, and psychology teacher at the Corry Area Middle-High School. His full name is Kevin Fallon, and he has one brother. Also, his birthday is November 23. Although he grew up in Erie, PA, he attended school in Harborcreek. 

Next, a fun fact about Mr. Fallon is that if he could match an animal to his personality, he would pick a cat. Fallon’s hobbies include running and watching football.

When asked what his dream vacation spot would be, he said the Grand Canyon or any national park because he loves to go hiking and be adventurous.

An additional thing that you may not know about Mr. Fallon is that his favorite movies are from the Star Wars franchise. Also, Fallon is a teacher because he wanted to help young people and his favorite type of food is Mexican food.

Thank you, Mr. Fallon for letting me interview you, it was a pleasure. Now, though, I will leave you all off with Mr. Fallon’s favorite quote, which is, “You can either prepare the child for the road, or prepare the road for the child.”