Top ten movie conspiracy theories


Ariana Gilger, Reporter

Everyone has their own crazy ideas about what is true or not. I personally have a few favorite movie theories that I would like to share.

  1. The 100 Year Pandemic Theory – Apparently, a pandemic happens every 100 years. Some people say that it is the government who is creating these pandemics. Although this is false, it definitely is an interesting and creative story.
  2. The Nemo Theory – Some people say that Nemo never even existed. He was just a way for Marlin to cope with the loss of his wife and kids. Nemo in latin is “no one,” so the title of the movie is literally “Finding No One.” Whether it’s fake or not, it makes a lot of sense.
  3. A Wreck-It-Ralph Theory – Some think that Calhoun killed her own husband. Think about it: her wedding was ruined because a Cy-Bug ate her husband, Brad. Cy-Bugs turn into whatever they eat. Calhoun was attacking the Cy-Bug, which could have also been her husband. And who am I to say this isn’t true since you can’t actually see the face of what Calhoun was shooting at.
  4. The Peter Pan Theory- It is believed that Peter Pan is actually an Angel of Death. Maybe all the children are already dead, and that’s why they never grow up. Neverland could be the “afterlife” where all the children happily spend eternity together. 
  5. The Frozen Theory – Some people believe that when Anna and Elsa’s parents “died from a shipwreck,” they actually ended up on an island- and had a baby, Tarzan. I mean, Tarzan does have the same green eyes and long nose that the King has.
  6. The Coraline Theory – In the movie, “Coraline,” Mr. Bobinsky wears a medal that was offered to the civil and military personnel who helped deal with the consequences of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986. This could also be the reason he’s blue.
  7. Another Coraline Theory – This is a theory of my own. In the “Coraline” movie, Miriam Forcible and April Spink have a doormat that reads, “No whistling in the house.” Witches, along with many other people, believe that you should never whistle in your house because it invites evil, unwanted spirits and energy into your home. April gives Coraline a reading from her tea leaves, which is in the shape of the other mother’s evil hand. Miriam turns the cup around and says it’s a giraffe. I’ve come to my own conclusion that April is a witch and Miriam is a skeptic, which is why she called the hand a giraffe. 
  8. The Brave Theory – In Brave, a witch gave Merida “The spell cake.” It is believed that the witch is actually Boo from Monsters Inc. There’s even a carving in the witch’s wood carving store of what seems to be Sully. This could be a way of remembering Sully and what he had done for her.
  9. The Phineas and Ferb Theory – Some people believe that the series was all a part of Candace’s imagination. Candace was also born with paranoid schizophrenia. The theory is that Phineas was bullied a lot in school, and one day, a bully punched him so hard that he died from it. Candace could be trying to cope with the loss of her little brother by making herself believe he’s still there. This theory could also explain why every time Candace tries to tattle on Phineas, her mother never believes her.
  10. The Moana Theory – Some people say that Moana actually died in the beginning of the movie during the thunderstorm because she only meets Gods and mythical creatures after that.