Build stronger relationships – know your love language


Cinnamon Earls, Reporter

This article may be a little late, as Valentine’s Day has been long past, but I feel as if this article could help everyone learn a little more about themselves. Whether you spent the holiday with self care, alone, or with another person, this information may help build a stronger relationship with yourself and the people around you. Also another important mention is shown in the picture below:

The main five love languages

Words of Affirmation
Speaking from the heart, expressing empathy, communicating appreciation, compliments, words of encouragement, and reminders of personal strengths, speak volumes to individuals with this love language. Often people with this love language are sensitive and are very aware of their surroundings. They often encourage others, and know just what to say to cheer up others, hoping that others will do the same for them.

Physical Touch
Hugs, holding hands, pats on the back, kissing, cuddling, playing with hair, are all examples of this love language. This shows roots to a childhood, often only feeling deep affection and love from others through touch. Through this love language you may feel appreciated and loved.

This love language is pretty straightforward, visual symbols of love, such as gifts, make you feel loved. The gift-giving itself is not about the money, more so the symbolic thought(s) behind said gift(s). The main key to this love language is to give something meaningful that matters to them that reflects their values.

Quality Time
Spending time together: actively listening, eye contact, and paying full attention, are all qualities of this love language. The main point of this love language is the act of undivided attention, without distraction, or outside interference. People with this love language value one-on-one time and meaningful conversations.

Act of Service
This love language is all about valuing when someone goes out of their way to help you or make your life easier. Its things like helping care for you when your ill, making food or coffee for you, or just helping out around the house when you’ve had a rough day. This love language is for people who believe actions speak louder than words.