My Dead Wife Keeps Texting Me

My Dead Wife Keeps Texting Me

Ava Gjertsen, Editor

My ex-wife Jane died three years ago in a car accident around Christmas time. She was driving across a bridge and a drunk driver slammed into her and knocked her car into the rushing river below. It was a hit and run, and by the time help arrived it was too late. It left me devastated for a very long time, but after some therapy I’ve learned to move on with life.

It was the weekend and I was at home watching some cheesy film, when my phone dinged and the screen lit up. I picked it up off the cushions, and nearly dropped my phone from shock. I received a text message, but that wasn’t what frightened me; the name it said it was from was Jane.

After sitting alarmingly still for several minutes, I finally worked up the courage to pick my phone back up and read the text. All it said was, “I’m soaking wet, it’s cold.”

An uneasy feeling brewed in my stomach as I stared at the message in complete disbelief. Before I even had time to do anything, another message popped up. This time saying, “Please come find me.” I nearly vomited.

I quickly sent a reply, “Whoever this is, it isn’t funny.”

Then, a plethora of texts were sent, over and over again, “I want to come home.” It just kept sending, again and again, nonstop.

A chill ran up my spine as a knock came to my front door.