Preparing for the End of the World, a fictional story


Emma Reyda, Reporter

As the sirens went off, my sister and I were shoving things in a bag. We were hoping and praying that we would make it to the bunker in time. “I’m so scared, Oliver,” said Mia. “I know,” I said in a very terrified tone.

The talk of an apocalypse has been going on for the past few weeks. The news would always say things about North Korea bombing us with nuclear waste, but nobody believed it. An emergency broadcast aired only a few moments earlier saying that the U. S. was under attack. Our parents weren’t home; they both went on a business trip a few weeks before. We never knew that when we said goodbye it would be the last time we would see them.

We both run to the bunker, making sure we have everything and close the door. We lock it and make a fire so that we have warmth and light. My family’s bunker is like the one you’d see in a movie. It’s huge with rooms and enough food to last a few years. It’s a very roomy bunker, and there is a ton of space for just my sister and me.

Suddenly, the bunker shakes and we hear bombs fall on the ground above us. My sister begins to cry and I hold her in my arms to attempt to comfort her. It all goes quiet after a few hours, and we just sit in the light without a word leaving either of our mouths. The new world has just begun, with few survivors, we must learn to live and hunt on our own.

The apocalypse has started and a new age is now in progress…