Kool Karli


Cameron Brown, Reporter

Karli Stanbro is a freshman who was born on December 12, 2006, and was raised in Spartansburg, PA. Karli has two little sisters named Sophia who is five years old and Grace who is six. When Karli grows up she wants to be a hair braider. She currently works for Cheri Ploss at Ploss Auction in the restaurant. She works there because she needs money. Karli enjoys sleeping. Somewhere Karli would like to visit is the Dominican Republic because, “It is pretty and I know people who went!”

Her favorite movies are “Encanto” and “Coco.” Her favorite song is “Bleed It” by Blueface. Her favorite color is red and her favorite mood is “disgust.”  She would match her personality to a tiger. To her a great vacation is going to the Bahamas. Her idea of a perfect date is doing jumping jacks and eating pizza.

She has two favorite classes and the first one is world history with Mr. Hogue and ELA with Mr. McBriar because “The people in those classes are funny!”

She has four favorite foods including: rice, chili, pizza, and pasta. Karli is joining the track and field this upcoming season. Her biggest pet peeve is when people chew their gum loudly. A piece of advice she would give her readers is “Don’t have a problem with people if you don’t talk to them.”