Magnanimous Mackenzie

Mackenzie Gordon

Emma Reyda

Mackenzie Gordon

Mackenzie Rose Gordon was born in Keene, New Hampshire. As she got older, she went to schools such as Eisenhower and Corry High, which she currently attends.

Her hobbies include creative writing and working. She hopes to attend college for actuary. A place that Mackenzie would like to visit is the city of Rome in Italy because Italy is the place of romance. Her favorite movie is “Coraline,” color is lavender, song is “Best Friends” by Grandson, and  emotion is joy.

Mackenzie’s plans for summer include working and hopefully going on a road trip with her friends. A quote she likes is “You’re a bad idea, but I like bad ideas.” An animal she would compare herself to is a penguin because they both have small feet and they both do little dances.

Her dream date is to have a picnic in a tree house. Her favorite fruit is strawberry and she likes chicken alfredo. Advice she would giver her readers is: “Don’t give any hecks about what people say, you do you and you’ll make it.”