“Keep Calm and Corry On” epidemic

Keep Calm and Corry On epidemic

Reagan White, Reporter

There has been an epidemic of social media accounts that focus on the students of the school in their district. TikTok has brought attention to many of these accounts throughout the United States. These accounts, specifically in Corry, include photos of students sleeping in class, photos of girls’ feet while using the restroom, shipping accounts (polls that pair people together as an idea for a romantic relationship), and photos of people simply existing.

The most problematic account in Corry may be the “corry_weirdos.” Some of the posts are obviously staged and the students know they will be posted,  but others have secret photos. Couples hugging, holding hands, or sitting together at lunch are being targeted as “weirdos.” There has even been a video of a student doing something extremely inappropriate during class. This account bullies people without consequence.

Another account takes photos of the girls’ feet from under the bathroom stalls. There may be only the feet showing, but wouldn’t it make you feel uneasy knowing that someone could do that to you? Why even feel the need to be the person who takes the photos anyway? What do you gain from being creepy?

Let’s also talk about how it may make the students being posted feel. As I said, some of them are aware of being posted and are playing along, but others are being caught off guard and being made fun of. Think about how that may affect them.

Now this might be seen as a spotlight for the owners of these accounts and that they are being glorified, but it is quite the opposite. These accounts need taken down, and the students who run them need to be dealt with. It might seem like a game or entertainment to some of you, but I find it quite disgusting. Of course, I am just one person and cannot single-handedly take down these accounts, and that is why I find myself writing on here. I hope to spread awareness to parents and teachers so they understand why there is a problem and hopefully try to help out.