The one I used to love, a story

The one I used to love, a story

Asher Britton, Reporter

It was my eighth grade year and it was a brand new day. We had this new kid that just moved here; their name was Luka. I thought they were very handsome, and I didn’t want to go up to them because I was too scared and didn’t know if they liked girls. Later in the day in one of my classes they walked in and sat down right next to me. I had no words on what to say to them. They turned to me and started to talk with me. I didn’t say one thing.

It was lunch time and I invited them to sit with me. We started to talk for a bit and got to know each other. I really liked them and didn’t want to ask them out. It’s been a year now and I’m in ninth grade. They have a girlfriend now and I’m starting to regret not asking them out last year. We still talk and are the best of friends. I hope to one day date them for the rest of my life and have hope to have a future with them. Luka and I still hold hands and hug in the hallway even though we are not dating.

It’s now the last day of ninth grade and I haven’t seen Luka since December.

My friend told me that Luka has to switch schools; I hope that one day I can see them again. Throughout the summer I have been kind of sad and hope that I can see them in tenth grade.