Dazzling Deanna


Deana Hosler is a junior a Corry Area High School. Her birthday is February 11, 2005, and she was born in State College, PA.

Deanna’s hobbies include working. She said, ” I work every day, I don’t have time for hobbies.” She has one sister named Dakota who is 11 years old. She works at Walmart for money so she can save up for college.

A place where she would like to visit is Rome. Deanna would like to visit Rome because it is historical and a place she has always wanted to go. Her favorite color is blue and her favorite emotion is sadness.

She would compare her personality to a golden retriever because they are spontaneous and because her hair is the same color as one. Her ideal date is to be watching a movie with her boyfriend while eating pizza or tacos. Her favorite classes are science classes because she is good at science.

Deanna’s advice she would give to her readers is to not take anything for granted.