Kind Kalinda


Ariana Gilger, Reporter

Kalinda Gilger, born August 21, 2007, recently answered fifteen questions about herself to help people get to know her.

When asked what her favorite emotion is, she said she enjoys being excited because she likes the feeling of butterflies in her stomach. Her favorite quote is “live life to the fullest”, and her number one piece of advice is “don’t let someone’s words ruin your day.”

Kalinda’s favorite food is mac n’ cheese and her favorite song is “2055” by Sleepy Hallow. When asked what her favorite class is, Kalinda answered, “Algebra because it’s fun and easy.” Kalinda’s favorite movie is “Step Brothers.” 

Her biggest pet peeve is when people make annoying noises. When Kalinda grows up, she wants to be an orthodontist and she wants to visit Iceland because it’s “pretty and green.” I asked Kalinda Gilger what her idea of a perfect date is and she answered with “going to the movies.” The last question I asked was, “Which animal matches your personality?” Kalinda answered with, “a squirrel because they do what they want.”