Mr. Soprano hits a high note


Reagan White, Reporter

Michael Soprano grew up in Athens, PA, and attended Athens Area High School. His birthday is on June 4, 1991. During his high school years he played basketball, baseball, and soccer.

Mr. Soprano became an amazing math teacher, and he chose this job because he wanted to coach. He loves the teaching lifestyle. His biggest pet peeve is when people don’t think before they speak.

Some of Mr. Soprano’s hobbies are golfing and walking his dog. He is a dog person because he thinks dogs match his personality the best. His favorite quote is “There’s no crying in baseball” from the classic baseball film “A League of Their Own”.  Following the baseball theme, his favorite movie is “Angels In The Outfield.”

He would love to travel to some western states eventually, maybe to do some hiking with his dogs. Sounds like fun to me! There are amazing beaches to visit as well, which is his dream vacation. Within the vacation days we have coming up, he plans to spend some quality time with his dad watching a football game.

Mr. Soprano also gave some advice to students: “Always be a good friend.” Mr. Soprano is not only a wonderful coach and teacher, but a baseball fan and dog lover as well.