Advice Advocates

Advice Advocates

Willow Bowen and Ruthie Light

Hello, it’s the advice advocates here, and this is our first advice session that we will do for Corry’s Beaver Tales newspaper. To introduce ourselves, we are Ruthie and Willow. We love giving advice ranging from school to relationships, and we consider ourselves pretty good at it! Sometimes it might be hard to talk about struggles, so this is a column to help you get things off of your chest with a little bit of help. We have an Instagram account where you can DM us with your difficulties, no matter how minor they may seem.

To start, an anonymous individual came to us about a problem with her close relationships. The person states, “My best friend got in a fight with my boyfriend’s best friend, so now she doesn’t like my boyfriend. This is because my boyfriend’s friend sent my friend a nasty DM over a misunderstanding. What should I do?” Obviously, this situation can be worked out in a civil manner. Our advice to you would be to talk to your boyfriend’s friend about the misunderstanding that he and your friend had and see if he will apologize for the rude DM. Also, make sure your friend understands that your boyfriend had nothing to do with the situation, so there is no reason to be upset with him. While doing this, it is important to stay calm and not let the situation get aggressive. Whatever you do, do not let yourself get put in the middle of a sticky situation.

In addition, in situations like these you have to understand both sides of the story and reflect on the problem itself. What’s the real reason why the situation is the way it is? It is definitely okay to be upset at others if they wronged you. However, you should never take your feelings out on other people that did not contribute to your issue. This is because it will spread over time and create resentment or “bad blood” that you will not want to deal with in the future. Not everyone has to like each other, but it is important to still be supportive of the ones we care about.  

In the end, relationships are a very important factor of life, so take the time to value them. You should never have to feel like there is no solution to your problems, so do not feel ashamed to ask for help! Again, if you need help resolving complications, feel free to DM our Instagram @adviceadvocates for anonymous advice. Also, we will be creating a Google form to keep things extra confidential.