Who is Ellie Curtis?


Jenna Martin, Reporter

Ellie Curtis is not your typical 15-year-old girl. Her full name is actually Aimee Curtis, but she has not gone by that since she was young. Because she has an aunt named Aimee, everyone started to call her Ellie, which came from her middle name, Elizabeth. Her birthday is October 2, 2006, and she grew up in Columbus, Pennsylvania. Ellie attended Columbus Elementary until second grade when she went to Corry Alliance Academy (CAA)  for one year before returning to Columbus (which since then has gotten switched to Corry Elementary). She attended Corry Elementary until she switched over to the Corry Middle-High School and has been here since sixth grade. Curtis loves working on the farm, showing her cows, and soccer.

Ellie has unlimited dreams for the future, one being in the work field with cows, seeing how she absolutely loves the animal, and loves being around them. If she could travel anywhere, she would go to the Bahamas and the beach. For now, her only “vacation” plans are to spend time with her friends and family, especially her older brother John. He is 21 and they have grown quite the bond over the past couple years. Just like most siblings, they did not get along at all when they were younger. In fact, Ellie even had a countdown for when he graduated, but now they have an amazing relationship and she can always count on him to be there when she needs him. Her favorite quote is, “You only live once” because “If you hold yourself back from doing the things you’re afraid of, you’re never going to make memories.”

Everyone has the small things in their lives that bring them joy. Some of Ellie’s are the colors blue and green,  Morgan Wallen’s “Dangerous” album, and Mr. Potocki’s fourth period class because, “It’s fun to hangout out with Jenna, Porter, and Nick.”

Another thing that brings her joy would be chicken fajitas. Her biggest pet peeve is crap-talkers because she “doesn’t see why people would even want to be like that.”  If she had to relate to an animal, it would have to be a wolf because she is wild, crazy, and full of energy. She also loves giving and receiving advice; she finds it very helpful when she is in tough situations.

Curtis is lucky enough to have an amazing group of friends that she would not trade for the world. What she loves the most about them is that they are all so different, which allows her to have someone to go to for any problem she has. Not to mention, there is never a dull moment when hanging out with them individually, but when you get them together…it is very interesting.

One piece of advice Ellie would like to give you would be to not be like her, “in the best way possible, that is.”