Lucy the loving dog!


Lindsey Mitchell, Reporter

Lucy is a ten-year-old Australian Shepard. When she was younger she was very active and always loved playing Frisbee.  She is a very cuddly, loving, attention-seeking dog and could never hurt a soul.

Her favorite activities to do as she has gotten older are car rides, sleeping, and still some Frisbee. Lucy was born on April 20, 2011. We got her for my grandma after my grandpa passed in 2012. Lucy is always happy to see people and brightens everyone’s day.

Lucy is a very pretty but somewhat large dog. She is friendly with other dogs her size but doesn’t really like small ones. She is on a very strict diet due to her allergies, but every Australian Shepard I’ve met has been a great companion and are great dogs to have. She loves to chase the cows, birds, and go swimming at our old house. This was just a little bit about Lucy!