Strict parents make sneaky kids

Lindsey Mitchell, Reporter

Do you think having really strict parents make sneaky kids? Personally this is a topic a lot of people talk and debate about frequently. I think having strict parents do make sneaky kids. I think this because when parents don’t give their children any room to grow and experience some parts of life that need to be experienced, kids go and do it because they know they are not supposed to.

For example, if your parents are vert strict and you want to go out with friends and they won’t let you, it leads to them sneaking out. Or if the parent doesn’t want them going somewhere they really want to go, it leads to them lying about where they are going. Some of this is from experience.  If your kid doesn’t do anything wrong why not trust them to make the right decision. Some people don’t make the best decisions, but if they have never done anything bad they most likely won’t do something horrifically bad the first couple times.

I think kids need to go out and experience life but with ground rules. By no means am I saying let your kids run free all the time with no rules, but I am saying if they are never allowed to do anything they will get sneaky or start to resent you and rebel. So just to wrap it up I will not be the super super strict parent because I don’t want a sneaky kid, and if you are an adult reading this thinking about whether or not its you, just ask your kids. These are just some reasons why I think strict parents make sneaky kids.