Get to know Corry’s new English teacher: Mr. Adamski


Samariana Pena, Reporter

English teacher Mr. Samuel Adamski was born on February 5. He grew up in Edinboro for most of his life, and he also lived in the Tampa Bay Area from seventh grade until ninth grade. He went to General McLane High School and graduated from Edinboro University.

Some of Mr. Adamski’s hobbies or interests are boating, camping, history, movies, and current events. He has one older sister. Adamski said he’s already doing the career he’s always wanted to do, but when he retires he wants to travel the world. Adamski said he got into teaching to help make a positive impact on our society. He said he would like to travel across Europe because there’s so much history there.

Mr. Adamski’s favorite movie is “Saving Private Ryan,” his favorite color is blue, his favorite emotion is motivation, and his favorite song is “Wonderwall” by Oasis. Mr. Adamski’s plans for upcoming vacation days are spending time outdoors and camping.

A favorite quote of this English teacher is: “Only those who dare to fail ¬†greatly can ever achieve greatly”- Robert F. Kennedy. An animal that would match Adamski’s personality is a beaver. His idea of a perfect vacation would be going to a tropical island. His idea of a perfect date is going to the beach.¬†

Mr. Adamski’s favorite class(es) are all five of his ECL 9 classes equally because they’re all great in their own way. His favorite food is black and bleu steak. Adamski does not play sports anymore, and his biggest pet peeve is when students submit incomplete assignments. A piece of advise he would give his readers is:¬† “Try your best at everything you do.”