The kind Mr. Kerr

Rachael Hajec, Editor

Mr. Kerr is a chemistry teacher here at Corry Middle High School. His birthday is September 6, 1966, and he grew up in Titusville, PA. While growing up in Titusville, he went to Titusville High School, but after graduating he continued his education by going to several colleges. He first attended Grove City College for two years but later transferred to Delaware Valley College where he got his Bachelor’s Degree. Then he went to Clemson University, received his Master’s Degree, and officially got certified to be a chemistry teacher at Edinboro University. His original major was agronomy (the study of crops and soils) but then switched to double major in biology and chemistry. When asked if he always wanted to be a chemistry teacher Mr. Kerr said, “No, not really actually.”

Some of Mr. Kerr’s hobbies include gardening, running, and even learning German! “I have an online tutor that teaches me German, but he’s from Guatemala.” With this, his dream vacation would be to go to Germany and/or Costa Rica.

When he retires he would like to move to South Carolina. “I would like to move to South Carolina, but I probably won’t,” Kerr said with a laugh. His favorite things are chicken cordon bleu casserole, the color red (he doesn’t have a favorite song because there are too many to choose from), and his favorite emotion would have to be, “an emotion that makes you feel alive and happy at the same time, so definitely excitement!”

Since Mr. Kerr is a very wise teacher, his best piece of advice to give to students would be, “Study hard, but still don’t take it so seriously that you don’t enjoy life.” So true, Mr. Kerr.

Also, the animal that represents him the most would be a cat. “They are just so independent and they’re all so different, plus I used to tame farm cats as a kid!”

Finally, when asked his biggest pet peeve he said, “When kids memorize things word for word but they don’t really know what they mean.” Overall, Mr. Kerr is a great teacher who gives helpful advice, encourages his students in order to inspire them and help them succeed, and his lively personality makes doing chemistry a lot more fun.

*Picture edited by Isabel Knight, senior at Corry High*