Mr. Chud’s collections


Sylvia Elmquist, Reporter

When interviewing Mr. Chud, he quickly described his love for collecting.  He started this hobby when a family friend gifted him with a cast iron pan.  Twenty years later he has eight different pans all with unique purposes.  He keeps them all on a rack in the garage.  Once a year he cleans them all with sea salt and a potato as cast iron requires.  

He seasons his pans with homemade lard, made from Coach Jaquith’s pigs.  He described the lengthy process of making lard at home, but it was gross.  I am not going into detail on how that is made.

He also mentioned that he has started collecting Radio Flyer wagons (old little red wagons).  He does not let his children play with the wagons even though they are kids’ toys.  He gets great deals at yard sales getting wagons worth up to two hundred dollars for ten dollars.