Pleasant Potocki


Samariana Pena

Mr. Potocki

Samariana Pena, Reporter

Andrew Potocki is a high school teacher here at CAHS. His birthday is April 17. He grew up in Spartansburg, PA. He graduated high school in Corry and attended Clarion University.

Some hobbies that Mr. Potocki enjoys are playing the guitar, playing hockey, and DJing weddings. He has one older sister. When he gets older he wants to be a retired teacher. Mr. Potocki got into the job because his parents were teachers at one time and because he enjoys working with young people.

If he could travel to any place he chose Scotland because he wants to see the old castles and visit where golf first generated. Mr. Potocki doesn’t have a favorite song because he likes too many, but his favorite colors are orange and purple, his favorite emotion is love, and his favorite movie is “Star Wars.”

Mr. Potocki’s plans for upcoming vacation days are to DJ weddings. His favorite quotation is “Be kind always.” He said one animal that represents his personality is a bald eagle. Mr. Potocki’s idea of a dream vacation is to go to Scotland and play golf.  His idea of a perfect date is tomorrow, so he knows that he can better himself for the next day ahead. His favorite class is IPS (intro to physical science) because it’s what he does. Mr. Potocki’s favorite food is tacos and he plays hockey. His biggest pet peeve is mean, selfish people.

A piece of advice that Mr. Potocki would give his readers is: “The most important thing in life is how you treat other people because it can turn back on you.”