Why you should wait to buy a phone for your kid

Sylvia Elmquist, Reporter

Did you see those kids playing outside the other day? Oh yeah, me neither.  I have lately noticed more children on electronics these days.  I feel that parents should refrain from buying children phones and tablets until they are at least  in the double digits.  

I have seen children as young as the age of two on YouTube and browsing other websites. They are destined to stumble upon content that is inappropriate for their age. I know many people my age that have been desensitized to violence. I feel that exposure to violence will create a more violent youth.  

I know when I was younger I would meet up with friends around my neighborhood and have hours of fun outside without electronics.  I have noticed that the children in my area now meet up to sit on their couch and play on their phones and tablets. This is a problem for not only teenagers but also the even younger population of GenZ.  These young people are missing out on exercise, sunlight, and developing social skills.