The runaway weenie

Lindsey Mitchell, Reporter

Once upon a time there was a weenie that was always getting in trouble and the owners were getting tired of it. They were always chasing the dog around and yelling at him. One day the weenie decided he was done living with this family because they weren’t treating him right.

The weenie’s owner left the door open one day when they were bringing in groceries and he made a run for it. He kept running and never looked back. He heard his owners screaming, but he knew he would be depressed if he listen to them. They chased him with their car trying to get him, but he was too fast for them. He hid in the bushes until he knew it was clear.

The weenie started to get hungry and wander around looking for food and water. He went days without food, trying to eat anything he could find. Then this little girl saw him and started calling him. He was very scared at first and then warmed up to her. She took him home and the parents fell in love with him so they took him to the pet store, spoiled him, and he lived a happy life after that.