The Hunger Games novels vs. movies


Hannah Smrcka, Editor

In the beloved “Hunger Games” series, there is some disagreement on the adaptation of the novels to movies, but for the most part, there was a widespread appreciation of the transformation from book to movie.

There will never be a perfect book-to-movie adaptation, but I personally felt that they did a wonderful job connecting the essence of the spirit in the books to the movies. They kept the energy high and I really liked how similar the movies truly were to the books because as for series, this is one of the closest to the novel sets that I have personally seen.

I would give the books an 4.37/5 rating and the movies a solid 2.75/5 rating. As for adaptation, I would give them a 4.5/5. For character development in comparison to the books, I would give the movies a 3.25/5.  For imagery, I would give it an 4.37/5. I would highly suggest the books and movies in this series.