Terrific Torri


Samariana Pena, Reporter

Torrina Speer is a freshman, and her birthday is December 15. She grew up in Corry and is currently going to Corry High School. In Torrina’s free time she enjoys swimming, climbing, hiking, and art. She has an older brother and sister.

Torri’s job or thing she wants to do when she grows up is to be a zookeeper. She chose this because she has always loved animals. If Torrina could chose one place to visit she would go to Ireland because she has always been interested in her Irish heritage. Torri’s favorite movie is “Brave,” her favorite color is black, and her favorite is “BANG!”

In upcoming vacation days Torri plans on visiting her siblings. Torri’s favorite quotation is “People cry, not because they are weak. It’s because they’ve been too strong for too long,” from Johnny Depp. If Torri could match her personality to any animal she said it would be some combination of a sloth, bee, and bear.

Torrina’s idea of a dream vacation would be a week with her sister and best friends on a road trip to nowhere. Her idea of a perfect date is horseback riding, followed by a picnic in an open field, ending with a projector movie and sleeping under the stars. Torri’s favorite subjects in school are geometry and biology. Her favorite food is wings. She does not play any sports.

Torrina’s biggest pet peeve is when someone doesn’t knock before entering her room. A piece of advice Torri would give her readers is “Never believe anyone who says you can’t.”