Kramer the yorkie

Kramer the yorkie

Hannah Smrcka, Editor

Kramer is an eleven-year-old Yorkie and lives in Corry. He will be twelve at the end of February. When asked his birthday, he said, “Either the 21 or the 23 of February. Cut me some slack here, I’m seventy-seven in dog years.” He was a bit grumpy that day, per usual. Yet he is a sweet pea all around and loves to snuggle up in warm blankets around this time of year!

His favorite activities are napping, eating, barking, and getting out of trouble. In the winter he enjoys time barking at his family and refusing to go out into the snow. He eats Iams dog food and milk-bones, though his favorite treats are peanut butter and pig ears!

He likes to wear sweaters and sweatshirts in the cold months and thinks he is “rather dashing” when he dawns this apparel.

When asked his favorite winter activity he said, “sleeping for around eighteen hours every single day.” When asked his favorite holiday, he said, “Thanksgiving because everyone ends up dropping food and that’s as free range as the poultry can get in this house.” His favorite Christmas activity is seeing all of us kids come home for the holidays.

When asked if he was a good dog he replied no comment. He loves to bark at the mailman in his free time, to bark at every car that drives down the road, every child that walks past the house, and his all-time favorite thing to bark at is nothing for no reason. For that reason, he hates when he has to have his muzzle on so he doesn’t bark.

When asked what he wanted for Christmas he said that when snooping through mom’s Amazon account he found out he was getting a Narwhal toy and he is very excited! His favorite holiday beverage is drinking whatever cup is left in a spot he can get to. He loves when milk is left on the table because, “the chairs are easily climbable and the milk is good.” He enjoys classical piano music.

Kramer’s one piece of advice that he would give everyone this winter season is, “Don’t pee on the Christmas tree. I’ve never personally tried, but that is the one spot that a dog should never dare to test their luck on.”