Top ten Christmas decorations

Top ten Christmas decorations

Haeleigh Bayle, Reporter

Christmas truly is the most wonderful time of the year. The happiness that flows from household to household is so contagious and thick in the air that you feel as if you could just reach out and take hold of it. People choose to give to others instead of take, gather together, and celebrate the year and the birth of Christ. So, when the winter months are fast approaching, many families choose to decorate their houses to spread the joy as others drive past. Below are my top ten Christmas decorations from the worst to the best.

10. Snowmen- You may be thinking, how can snowmen be your least favorite Christmas decoration?! Well,  don’t worry, I love snowmen, and basically all Christmas decorations! This just happened to be where I started my list. Building snowmen/seeing all of the snowman figurines brings me back to all of the days that I would rush outside to try and create a new friend.

9. Reindeer- I love seeing the big reindeer figures up on the roofs of houses. It makes the Christmas spirit feel so much more alive.

8. Santa decorations- Of course you could never forget the Santa decorations. That is one thing I will never outgrow. Although Santa is a thing of my childhood, the love I have for this jolly man can never be extinguished. The little Santa figures bring so much of the joy and happiness around, it’s hard to imagine Christmas without this sentimental decoration.

7. Train underneath the Christmas tree- I absolutely love when we put our train up underneath the Christmas tree. Watching it go around and around with its fake steam puts me into the most joyful of spirits during the holidays.

6. Poinsettias- I love flowers, so when I am able to enjoy flowers in the winter, it’s the best! These vibrant flowers are always used as a decoration in my house, as it adds pops of color and life into Christmas time.

5. Garland/wreaths- Decorating the banister in the house with garland, lights, and bows provides a sense of tranquility for me. Sure, it might be messy to clean up, but it is totally worth it!

4. Stockings- The stockings were hung by the chimney with care… I love the nostalgic feeling that stockings give me. They remind me of all of the times I would race down the stairs on Christmas morning to find all of the goodies “Santa” had left for me.

3. The Christmas tree- Christmas isn’t Christmas without a Christmas tree. So many people have artificial trees, which is great, don’t get me wrong, but my absolute favorite is a real tree. It isn’t my favorite just because it’s fun decorating the real tree. So many memories are made going to get the tree, figuring out how we’re going to be able to fit it in the house, and laughing every time it gets stuck in a doorway.

2. The angel on the Christmas tree- I love having the angel on the Christmas tree because it shows the immense meaning that Christmas truly has. It also portrays the purity of it all, with the angel being at the top of the Christmas tree, which is the staple of decorating during Christmas.

1. The Nativity Scene- The Nativity Scene is my all-time favorite decoration of all because we wouldn’t be celebrating this beloved holiday, Christmas, if it hadn’t have been for the baby boy who was born in the manger. I cherish the Nativity Scene because it holds so much power and meaning!

Thank you for reading! What are your top ten Christmas decorations?