Strategies for students to make remote learning more effective


Hannah Chelton, Reporter

As cases of COVID-19 are skyrocketing in the area, schools are deciding to transition from in-person learning to full online. At a moments notice things can change instantly due to the uncertainty of this time. When transitioning to the online method of learning there are many complications that can rise. Not only complications, but also distractions can be a barrier to letting someone learn. While everyone’s household operates a little differently, here are some strategies to make learning at home a little more effective.

For elementary students remote learning parents have to step in and help them out because they are too young to manage it on their own. The first thing to do is to keep them on a schedule. For example, have them get up around the same time every school day, get ready for the day, and eat a good breakfast. Then make sure they get signed into their class on time. Another thing to make learning more effective is to give them a space that is designated for their school work. This way they know that a certain area is meant for school and not a place to play. During their recess time make sure they get away from the computer to give their eyes a break from the screen. It is important for them to go outside and get exercise because sitting all day is not ideal.

For high school students remote learning it is a little different from elementary students because they are independent and able to do their schooling on their own. After all, the strategies are quite similar through. Staying on a schedule every school day morning because it will keep a routine as if you were going to school in person. Additionally, have a dedicated space to do schooling along with all of your materials that you need in one area. That way you do not have to leave class to go find the materials you need. This way you stay fully engaged in class.

After all, remote learning is a new challenge to us all. These are just a few strategies that people find useful, and I hope they help you to if you have not already did something similar to this.