Where did Oliver go?

Where did Oliver go?

“Oliver, wake up!” I hear my sister yell at me, while pounding on my door. My sister is 17 years old, tall, and has brown hair. No freckles or glasses. She is supposed to wear glasses, but she doesn’t. “I look like a nerd. I’m not wearing these,” she would say, putting her glasses back in the case.

“I’m up! Go away!” I yell back at her.

Normally I would jump out of bed, throw my clothes on, and run down stairs for breakfast, but not today. Today I woke up with a massive headache and cannot see straight. I slowly get out of bed and get ready to go downstairs, but stumble getting out.

“Mom?” I say, walking down the stairs.

“Yes?” She replies.

Pushing her chocolate brown hair behind her ears, showing her big black glasses. My mom is like my sister, they both have to wear glasses, but my mom is the only one that actually wears them. My dad and I are the only ones that do not have to wear glasses.

“I don’t feel good. My head hurts and I can’t see straight” I say.

“Oh. That’s too bad. Here…” she says, handing me a capsule of headache medicine. “This should make you feel better for a while. And drink lots of water.”

“Thank you,” I reply.

I take the capsule, put it in my mouth and swallow. Soon everything becomes back into focus. I walk upstairs to grab my backpack then come back down, fill up my water bottle and walk over to the door. Olivia, my sister, is waiting for me by the door.

“Mom, can I have the keys? I want to drive to school,” she says.

“No, you and Oliver are going to walk today, your father had to take the car into the shop to get new tires. The roads are way too icy anyway,” My mom yells from the kitchen.

“Okayyyy…” Olivia says, walking out the door with me following her.

“Bye mom!” I yell, closing the door.

“Ugh, it’s too cold! I wish I could drive us to school” Olivia complains.

“I know, I’m cold too,” I reply.

We walk about half a mile when I start to get blurry vision again.

“Olivia? Wher–where are you?” she does not respond. “Olivia!” I scream. She still does not respond. “Where are you?” I say in a tiny, soft, voice.

I stop in my tracks, sit in the snow and start to cry. I cannot see a single thing now, everything becomes even more blurry than it did five minutes ago.

“What is happening to me?” I ask myself.

I sit in the snow for about ten minutes, then realize, my mom had given me another capsule to take if my vision got blurry again. I rummage through my bag for the capsule, feeling around because I cannot see anything. I finally feel the bag of headache medicine in my backpack. I grab it, grab my water and capsule out of its bag and swallow it down still sitting in the snow. It takes a few seconds, but I eventually get my sight back. I look up and realize I have somehow ended up in the woods.

“What…how…where am I?” I ask myself.

OLIVIA! WHERE ARE YOU?!” I scream as loud as I can. “Where are you” I say slowly and quietly.

Sitting on the ground I wonder how I got here, “I must have walked away from Olivia when my eyes were blurry” I think out loud.

I sit in the snow for a little longer til the snow gets cold and wet on my butt. I stand up and try to find my way out of the woods. What seems like an hour, I wander around, but still cannot find my way out…what will I do? I soon remember something my mother used to tell me all the time when I was a little kid, “If you ever get lost, sit on the ground and stay where you are until someone finds you.” So that is what I do, I sit on the ground and wait.

What feels like forever, I sit and wait, playing with the snow on the ground. “Will anyone find me?…is anyone even looking for me?” I wonder to myself.

The sun starts to go down and so do my eyes, I start to drift away into a deep sleep. I dream about my parents coming for me in the woods, they found me and they are hugging really tight, then walk out of the woods together and go home.

OLIVER!” I wake up, rubbing my eyes. The sun is awake and so am I. “OLIVER!” I hear in the distance.

“Dad?” I ask the voice in the distance. “Mom?” I say jumping up from where I sit.

OLIVER! IT’S DAD, WHERE ARE YOU?” I hear my dad screaming as he gets closer.

I’M OVER HERE DAD!” I scream back.

I hear my dad’s footsteps and soon see him running at me.

“Dad!” I say hugging him tight. “I was so scared I wasn’t going to be found. I’m so happy to see you!”

“I’m glad you’re safe. Let’s go home,” my dad tells me as we walk out of the woods.

Once we make our way out of the woods, I see my mom and sister running towards me to give me a hug. Once the hugging is done, we get in my dad’s car and drive home.

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