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The Official Student News Site of Corry Middle High School

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The Official Student News Site of Corry Middle High School

Beaver Tales

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Big Jay’s Bad Day

Big Jays Bad Day

There was a boy named Jay. He was always the nicest kid, until this one certain day. That day was the 29th of September. Something happened that day that Jay could never imagine. It all started when him and his parents got in a fight before school.

He then left home and got on the bus while being angry with his parents. His parents were really upset that Jay didn’t even say bye to them. When Jay got to school, no one talked or even bothered to look at him. He knew something was off because he was the most popular kid at school. Usually he would walk in and everyone would come up to him like he was a magnet. Well not this time.

He didn’t even know what to do. It was like everyone heard the way he screamed at his parents that morning or something. When he got into his first class it said on the board to pick a group of four. On a normal day, whenever there were groups, everyone fought to be in Jay’s group. This time, no one wanted to interact with him at all. Even the teacher didn’t talk to him at all.

Jay was so confused, he felt like crying. It was finally lunch time and he was glad because he thought he knew that his friends couldn’t ditch him at lunch. When he got to lunch his table was completely full. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw someone replace him at his lunch table. He never thought this day would come.

Jay decided to sit at the only table with an empty seat. It was the table no one wanted to sit at. It was a table full of kids who played with their food and threw food across the table. When he sat down they didn’t even talk to him either. At the end of lunch he was so happy it was over.

In his next class period he was called down to the office. When he got there the principal said, “Please take a seat, Jay.”

That was the first person who talked to him all day besides his parents. The principal said, “Your parents said that they do not want you back in their house and to never come home. We are not sure what to do with you, so you’ll have to sleep at school until we figure out what to do with you.”

This was his worst nightmare; he already hated school enough. It was time for everyone to leave school except for Jay. He headed to the office after everyone left and just sat there until night time. When it was time for him to go to sleep he laid down and shut his eyes until he fell asleep. Jay woke up in the morning and he was in his bed. He was so confused.

Turns out, this was all a dream. This dream taught him the biggest lesson he had ever learned. He did have a fight with his parents and went to sleep angry with them the night before. So now Jay has learned to not fight with his parents and be as mean as he has been lately. Thanks to that special dream, Jay never went to bed or school mad at his parents ever again.

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