Paint in the Sky

Paint in the Sky

Before there were humans on Earth, there were four kingdoms that were scattered across the globe. The first kingdom was located in a dense rainforest very close to the equator. Hidden in the trees were spirits that lived among the lush and lavish plants and vastly different animals. The spirits were no ordinary souls; they had a very important role of making sure the element of earth was healthy and protected. The second kingdom was located in the dark depths of the ocean. The water spirits looked after the fish and other marine life that were prey to other creatures. They would also make sure that the planet rained every two days to provide for the rest of the world. The third kingdom laid deep below the earth’s surface in the inner core layer. The spirits that lived here were responsible for taking care of the fire element. Their job ranged from heating the earth to a certain temperature to providing a source of light from within. 

The last kingdom was located above the earth way up in the clouds. The spirits that were a part of this group were given the powers of the air element. The air spirits played with the birds and other species that flew in the sky. Their job was to cool down the earth with a gentle breeze and to flow through all life to help them breathe. The four kingdoms all had the same problem. The kings and queens of each of the elements had a deep hatred for one another which caused the earth to start to crumble. Since all of the four elements rely so heavily on each other, the planet  was unbalanced and on the verge of collapse. 

One day, the air spirits noticed that their song birds that once had woken them up every morning were gone and that the air was deafening from silence. The air spirit’s king, called “Florence,” was furious at the other elements because he knew that the birds had to have been killed by one of the other kingdoms. In a rage, Florence and his wife screamed so loud that a massive tornado formed from their ability to control air. This tornado ripped through the planet with a force like no other. The earth spirit’s home in the rainforest was the first to be struck by the howling wind. Their sacred trees were uprooted, their animals were taken by the strength of the wind, and the nature around them that they had cared so much about was left in disarray. The next group to be affected by the power of the air element was the water spirits. The destructive tornado was so powerful that it absorbed water from the ocean, and the wind transformed into a tsunami. The water spirits who once played with marine life and enjoyed swimming in the deep blue sea were now in shock as their animals were taken from the ocean. Every ocean animal from a sea turtle to a shark were now on land gasping for air. The last element to be affected by the king and queen of the air element were the fire spirits. The water from the tsunami now seeped into the inner earth. The king and queen of the fire spirits watched in panic as their powers of heating up the planet were put out by the current of the water.  The once precious earth was now ripped into many pieces and completely transformed into a sphere of mass chaos. All the spirits from the different kingdoms knew that they must meet in order to end the suffering of mother nature. The earth spirit’s king and queen sent out a request for all the kingdoms to meet in the last remaining piece of the planet. This one section of earth was untouched because of the frigid cold temperatures that this region housed. Today this area is known as the Arctic, but back then the spirits called it Frost. The kingdoms did not know when they would unite, but they knew they needed to fast. 

Twelve days had passed since the incident unfolded and on that particular day all of the elements around the world met in the Arctic to discuss the options that they had. Oceana, the queen of the water element, was a very wise woman who knew that their only option was to give up their powers. The other kings and queens were shocked by this and immediately shut it down, but Oceana protested their remarks. She called out to the universe four times, “I give up my powers now and forever for the will of the earth let it be.”  The earth started to rattle and just like that the water element and all of the water spirit’s souls were returned back to the source of creation. Florence and his wife started to weep because they knew that this was all their fault. They then told the earth and fire spirits that they too were going to give up their powers so that the planet could heal. They repeated four times just as Oceana did, “I give up my powers now and forever for the will of the earth let it be.” Florence added on and said, “Mother nature please forgive me for my lack of respect.” Then the earth started to rattle again and the air element was now returned back to source. The king and queen of earth and fire then looked at each other and in sync they repeated four times, “I give up my powers now and forever for the will of the earth let it be.” After the process was complete, a bright light from above shined on every part of the earth. The planet was finally back to the way it was. 

Now throughout the year in the Arctic and a few other places around the world, a green light from the earth element appears, a purple light from the air element appears, a blue light from the water element appears, and a yellow light from the fire element appears all together in the sky as the northern lights. This occurs so that nobody will ever forget about the tragedy that took place between the elements of earth. 

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