Avocado on a journey


Lindsey Mitchell, Reporter

Once upon a time, a long long time ago, there was this family of avocados who lived on a tree in Mexico. They were so excited to get off this tree and start their new life. They had big plans to travel the world, so when it was time to fall off the tree, all fell but Aaron.

Aaron was the youngest avocado so he would be the last to fall. His mom, dad, and three siblings were waiting for him, until the worst thing happened that could. A wind storm was on its way. They tried everything to get Aaron down but nothing would work. The windstorm hit! Aaron, trying not to stay on the tree, somehow did while his whole family got taken by the wind. It was the worst experience he had ever went through. He heard them all screaming and crying leaving their baby and last sibling behind with no choice.

Three days went by and all Aaron the avocado did was cry. He wanted his family more than anything. The wind started picking up and Aaron got blown away. Where he was going he couldn’t see anything. He felt so dizzy that he thought he was going to puke.¬† After the wind had stopped he finally got to where he could see he was in Texas.

Aaron went looking for his family asking everyone. No one had any idea what this crazy avocado was talking about and why he was there. Aaron traveled from state to state trying to find his family, until one day he got to Pennsylvania and found this store called Walmart. Some random lady had picked him up and shoved him in her pocket. She just happened to walk by the other avocados and there was Aaron’s family¬† screaming for him, so he jumped out of the lady’s pocket to be back with his family they cried tears of joy and then a man came by and grabbed all of them.